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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Nokia N96

This is the latest mobile that NOKIA is going to launch, This mobile is specially designed for Videos and Tv, Music, Maps, Photos and Interenet. Turn ON a great mobile environment using NOKIA N96. It has a explicit inbilt flash memory of 16GB, You could record your videos for about 40 hours and Music for about 12,000 tracks. It has 128MB of RAM and 256MB of system memory. The power backup of this mobile is also great, battery could withstand for 5 hours in case of video playback and Muisc playback upto 14 hours. This is an edge supported phone, so the Internet connection speed will also be good.


nahj12 said...

nice phone.. does it have the same capabilities that of the i phone?

Meia said...

wow, that looks cool. :) But i'm ok with my phone.

ipanks said...

good there available in indonesia?

Anonymous said...

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